Antonio Juan Reborns

Antonio Juan Reborns

Happy Reborn is the most adorable.


Las Amigas from Paola Reina

Las Amigas from Paola Reina

Discover the radiant Paola Reina 2020 collection

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Así´s Limited Series

Así´s Limited Series

Nacho, such a tender baby.


Los Amigos de Carlota

Los Amigos de Carlota

Discover the new dolls from Vestida de Azul.


We share your hobby

In DollsAndDolls we have always focused on quality doll made with love, detail and to awaken feelings by those who will enjoy them.
For us a doll is much more than a toy, it is a work of art where in its manufacturing process involves numerous artisans: sculptors, oven operators, fitters, painters, hairdressers, designers, dressmakers, etc.
We have it for sure!

You always dreamed of that doll. Our dolls and accessories are not easily found. If we don’t have it, it does not exist.

Made with love

It’s much more than a toy, is a work of art made in the traditional handmade way by sculptors, painters, hairdressers, dressmakers ...

Give a surprise

Awaken the emotions of the person who will enjoy these dolls made with fine detail.

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Salamanca, Paris, Copenhagen? Wherever you live, we send it where you want. Distance is no problem.