About Us is owned by Cardona Ballester, SL, established in Valencia (Spain), where we are dedicated to online sales of dolls and doll accessories for people of all ages.

DollsAndDolls born in 2008 with the aim of bringing beautiful dolls to people in anywhere in the world. As time goes by, the dolls are becoming harder to find in traditional stores because of the emergence of large shopping centers where people began to buy more frequently products of multinational companies with a quality that, in many cases, leaves much to be desired, disappearing shops at street level.

In DollsAndDolls we have always focused on quality doll made with love, detail and awakens feelings in those who will enjoy them.

For us a doll is much more than a toy, it is a work of art where in its manufacturing process are involved numerous artisans: sculptors, oven operators, fitters, painters, hairdressers, designers, dressmakers, etc.

Our country is home to an important doll industry. For this reason we have made a strong commitment from day one, revealing the Spanish brands worldwide, so we are very proud.

We love our work. First when we choose products, then upon receipt and finally when our customers congratulate us and trust us.

We take very seriously that our customers receive our products in perfect condition, through an own quality control. In addition, our sales policy, unlike other sites, is that if we do not have the item, we do not sell it, offering the best service to our customers: no surprises and no unnecessary waiting.

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