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Mia Dolls: Mia and the torn dress

The Dolls And Dolls stories aim to encourage the reading appetite of the youngest members of the family, helping them to improve their imagination and reading comprehension. In addition, each of our stories transmits certain values that are indicated before each reading begins. Ready to read a story about Mia Dolls?

Values of the story: 🙂 Friendship ◊ Cooperation ♣ Conflict Resolution

Mia Dolls – Mia and the untied dress

Photo of a mountain village

In a small village in the high mountains of a faraway land lives Mia, a young girl who dreams of becoming a great dressmaker. Today is the day she graduates from fashion and sewing school, and all her friends and family are waiting for her in the village hall, a very special day for her.

But there’s a big problem: at the last minute, the costumes I had prepared as a final year project have turned up torn! What can Mia do to fix the situation in the two hours she has left until she has to present her work?

—¡Oh, no! -It had taken me a long time to make these clothes, and now they’re in tatters! Worse still, there is nothing I can use to fix the mess!

Mia goes to find her teacher to explain the situation and is ready to give up, but out of nowhere her best friend, Mio, who was going to give her a hand with some outfits at the presentation, shows up and realises that something is wrong.

Mia, what’s wrong? –Mio asks worriedly. “You look bad, is everything all right?

-Follow me and you’ll see, it’s a mess,” Mia replies hopelessly.

Mia in the dressing room - Mia Dolls

Mia and Mio go to the room where the clothes that Mia had prepared with so much effort are. They talk about what happened so that Mio can understand the situation, and then Mio seems to see a possible solution.

I think today is your lucky day, because I brought my two-seater bike here. We can’t get to school on time on foot, but if we use my bike we can get there in no time! -proposes Mio, her eyes sparkling.

-What a great idea you had! –Mia exclaims as she gets more and more excited, “Let’s not waste time then, let’s go to our destination!

They both take their dresses out onto the street and Mia puts them in the basket on the bike. Everyone climbs into the saddle and gets ready to pedal hard. They have to get to the eastern outskirts, and they’re on the western edge of town, so they don’t think twice and set off at full speed.

They go so fast that they create a current of wind around them and scatter the leaves on the ground, lucky that there are not many people on the street today because most of them are in the assembly hall. After a quarter of an hour, they reach the bridge that leads to the school, from where they can see the imposing building in its entirety. They pass it and arrive at the entrance.

-Well, here we are! -says Mio – We’re going straight to your class, aren’t we?

Mia and Mio at school - Mia Dolls

-I’m afraid it doesn’t work like that, we’ll have to find the teacher on duty who has stayed behind to open the class for us. –We have to go to the staff room right now or we’ll run out of time!

The two of them go to that place, which was very close to the entrance, and there sits the teacher they were looking for. They talk to him about the problem and he gives them the keys to the classroom, they now have an hour to fix the breakages before it’s their turn to go back.

They arrive at the classroom and get down to work. Mia sews, while Mio helps her by bringing the necessary materials and tools to carry out the repair work. And, after a lot of hard work and with time running out, they have managed to make the sets as good as new.

They return the keys to the teacher on duty, get on Mio‘s bike and ride at full speed towards the village hall. As they enter the shop street, they see that there is a trailer covering the entire road that had just brought a car for the dealership, but they can’t stop at such a short distance going downhill!

Mio sees that the trailer has a ramp, so he has no choice but to jump over it if he doesn’t want to crash.

Mio, look out, we’re going to crash, slow down! -shouts Mia in fright.

-No, Mia, we have to speed up! -The only option is to jump that ramp over there!

They both trust and accelerate even more, and manage to jump over the trailer! They land on the road as if nothing has happened to them and continue on to their destination. They arrive at the auditorium with fifteen minutes left, enter through the back and hear someone shouting in one of the dressing rooms.

Mia and Mio running down the corridor - Mia Dolls

-Caution! -That raccoon has ruined my clothes, and all my term paper has been ruined!

-So all this time it had been this little animal! -Look at him, he looks like he doesn’t know where he is. The breaks were made by him, probably because he was nervous as he didn’t know how to get out of this place.

-Then we’ll have to get him out of the street before he causes more trouble, won’t we? -says Mio.

The boy and Mia nod and lead the animal to the entrance of the building, returning it to the wild and preventing other children who were going to present their final year work from going through the same thing they did. The boy, however, is sad, as he won’t have time to fix all the damage.

-Hey, I’m not a student at the fashion and sewing school. I was going to help Mia present her outfits, but how about taking my place so you can present something on time? –Mio asks the boy.o.

-Would you really do that for me? -I can’t tell you how grateful I am. Without you I would probably have repeated the year.

And so, finally, the end-of-year fashion show begins and the boy and Mia take to the stage showing off their outfits. Thanks to hard work and comradeship they both achieved a distinction, being very good at their respective jobs. And so, this story is over.

Foto de Mio NIN3408 pelirrojo con pelo ondulado y conjunto mostaza - Muñecas MiaPhoto of Mia NIN3407 blonde with straight hair and mustard outfit - Mia Dolls

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